Sinking Stream Trail at Hobbs State Park

The Sinking Stream Trail is located at Hobbs State Park in Rogers, AR. This trail shares the parking lot of another Hobbs trail- the Historic Van Winkle Trail, which you can see HERE. Like the Van Winkle Trail, Sinking Stream Trail is only 1/2 mile long and is an easy, natural surface trail and mostly kid friendly.

 At one point here is a mildly steeper climb in which  my 5 year old did great. I was backpacking my 2 year old, but had he been walking I just would have held his hand tightly there since there is a bit of a drop off, but it’s not a climb he couldn’t manage.

It’s called Sinking Stream because the upstream portion of the trail sinks under the rocks during dry spells, then re-emerges downstream.
Basic Info
-Directions: Take hwy 12 east out of Rogers. The parking lot and trail head is on the right a couple miles after you cross the lake. You’ll see Hobb’s State Park’s large signs along the way which have arrows to point you in the right direction. Keep a lookout for the parking lot area (picture below)
-Trail Difficulty: Easy/Kid Friendly
-Trail Length: 1/2 mile loop
-Open year round
-Picnic area/restrooms

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