Artist Point Trail Waterfall


Artist Point Trail is located in the Boston Mountains of Mountainburg, AR. The trail falls behind the Artist Point Gift Shop, which is a really neat little family owned place. The views here are absolutely amazing and a unique feature about the shop are the humming bird feeders they keep all along the back of the store in front of the viewing windows and the back deck. During season, they come in swarms! It’s quite a site to see!
My husband and I hiked the trail with our two boys (5 & 2). My 5 year old did great, and my husband and I took turns backpacking our youngest. The trail to the falls is a moderate hike, pretty much all downhill so it’s coming back that is much more difficult. It’s quite steep and I wouldn’t recommend this trail for anyone who is pregnant, elderly, or with health problems. My poor husband…he literally felt ill after carrying my youngest in the backpack through the steeper parts in the woods. Had I known how steep it was, we would have saved this trail for a time when I could have left my 2 year old at home with his grandma. Still, it was a really pretty hike on an absolutely gorgeous Fall day!


Basic Info
Address 19924 U.S. 71 Mountainburg, AR.
The trail begins to the right of the shop.

Trail Length: 1 mile out and back

Difficulty: Moderate. Steep coming back.

Recommended for age 5+ but not for the pregnant, elderly or those

with health issues.

Features: waterfall, bluffs, scenic views

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