Diamond Grove Prairie Conservation Area

We’ve been reading Little House on the Prairie recently, and my son was asking and wanting to know more about what Laura Ingalls was talking about when she described the flat prairie with tall grass that moved like waves when the wind blowed. I thought it would be a fun learning experience to take him to a real prairie so we visited Diamond Grove Prairie Conservation Area for a real prairie experience, wildflower walkabout and picnic.

Diamond Grove Prairie Conservation Area
At 840 acres, it is one of the largest tracts of tallgrass prairie remaining in southwest Missouri. It is a foot traffic only area, and you can walk around freely and enjoy a wide variety of wildflowers and grassland birds.
-Conservation areas are closed from 10pm to 4am
-Nuts, berries, fruits, mushrooms, and wild greens may be taken for personal use but cutting or removing other vegetation is prohibited.
-Camping is not permitted

More info HERE

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