Eden Falls at Lost Valley Trail

Eden Falls at Lost Valley Trail

Oh the power of Instagram! I stumbled upon a picture of “The Bathtub Rocks” while searching through pictures under the “#Ozarks” hashtag. When I found out that it was within a do-able day trip drive, we packed up left almost immediately. Seriously, this place is THAT COOL! The Bathtub Rocks are one of those “secret local spots” that when I find out about, gives me a rush of excitement! I LOVE discovering the secrets of the Ozarks, and today i’m going to share this one with you.

The Bathtub Rocks are located in Proctor, OK within the 17,000 acre J.T Nickel Wildlife Preserve. There is no fee to enter the preserve. The reserve overlooks the Illinois river. It’s a lot of gravel roads, spring fed creeks, narrow valleys, and rugged terrain–a truly beautiful area!

This particular place in the preserve is conveniently located at a creek crossing along a gravel road. The rocks here have been cut deep and smoothed over by the creek so much so that they form smooth pools and slides. One of the pools in particular is deep enough to jump into and become completely submerged! Some of the water pour-offs are so smooth, that you are able to slide down when the water is flowing well enough to do so. It’s a geological waterpark!

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