Historic Van Winkle Trail (Hobbs State Park, Rogers AR)

The Historic Van Winkle Trail is located at Hobbs State Park in Rogers, AR. The trail meanders through the stone remains of the old home and mill sites of the Van Winkle family who lived there during and after the Civil War. There are several interpretive signs along this 1/2 mile trail, and guided tours are also available (info below). I wouldn’t call it a hike really, it’s more like a very easy scenic walk through the woods. It’s a gorgeous area though and you’ll find a beautiful bluff lined stream and lots of wildflowers and wildlife in the warmer months.  If you have kids, this is a perfect family trail.

I backpacked my 2 year old, but he could have easily walked this trail on his own.

Basic Info
Directions: Take hwy 12 east out of Rogers. The parking lot and trail head is on the right a couple miles after you cross the lake. You’ll see Hobb’s State Park’s large signs along the way which have arrows to point you in the right direction. Keep a lookout for the parking lot area (picture below)
-Trail difficulty: EASY/Kid Friendly
-Length: 1/2 mile loop
-Dogs on leash permitted
-Open year round
-Guided tours available- (479) 789-5000
-Picnic area/restrooms

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