Kings River Falls

Twice now we’ve made the 2 hour drive Kings River Falls and both were very different experiences. There’s no doubt the falls are absolutely beautiful, but if your wanting to swim and you’re not into the party scene, i’d recommend going during the weekday.

(Directions to the parking area and more info at the bottom of the page)

The first time we visited the falls it was on a Sunny Summer Sunday afternoon with the kids. The falls weren’t running that well, but there was enough water to swim. However, it was completely packed with college students. It was a total party scene…loud music, trash everywhere, lewd behavior…NOT OUR THING. We stayed, but we weren’t able to play in the falls so we splashed upstream away from the crowds. We still had a good time. I mean, this area is beautiful and there are plenty of places to chill other than the falls. We were pretty bummed we drove 2 hours though and couldn’t play in the waterfall.
Once you get to the parking area, the trail-head is to the left of the big sign (see below) The trail is about 1.5 miles roundtrip, and is well worn in and pretty easy to manage. My 6 year old did great, and my 3 year old walked almost the entire way himself with not much trouble either. You’ll be hurrying to get to the falls, but don’t forget to enjoy the trail too…it’s really beautiful! (Directions to the parking area and more info at the bottom of the page)On our second visit, almost a year later, we hiked to the falls on a weekday early in the morning. We were pleasantly surprised that there were only a few people, the area was cleaned up, and due to this years record rainfalls, Kings River Falls was running nicely! We stayed most of the day and after 3pm the place did get crowded, but this time everyone was respectful of their surroundings and for the other people present.
Basic Info
Directions to Trail-head: From the community of Boston on State Highway 16 (between Fallsville and St. Paul), go north on County Road 3175 (dirt) for 2.1 miles; bear right as the road forks onto County Road 3415. Stay on this road for 2.3 miles until you come to a “T” intersection with County Road 3500. Turn left, and go across the creek and park at natural area sign. See Google Map
Trail-length: 1.5 miles roundtrip (Out and Back)
Trail Difficulty: Easy-Moderate (not ADA accessible)
Trail Blazes: Blue
Dogs: Yes, on leash
Kid Friendly: Yes

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