Natural Dam 

Because of all the rain we’ve received lately, we’ve been swimming hole hopping all summer long! Our latest swimming hole was the Natural Dam in Natural Dam, AR. Natural Dam Falls isn’t very tall, but it spans about 200 ft. wide! It looks man made, but the rock wall formation is all natural. It’s also one of the most easily accessible waterfalls in Arkansas…you can park right at the falls.

Because it’s so easy to get to, it’s obviously a pretty popular place. We got there early on a Tuesday morning and I was able to get a few pictures in without the crowd. Soon though the place was packed. There isn’t a lot of shade available here, so we were really lucky to snag one of the only shady spots around the falls. Actually, we had a pretty sweet setup!

I think the coolest thing about the falls was that under many of the waterfalls along the wall, there were “secret” coves. You could go under a waterfall and no one would even know you were there until you popped out! For kids, this is like the ultimate wonderland! It plays up their imaginations in the best way. We’ll be coming back over and over again that’s for sure!
The only negative thing I could say about this place is that there was some trash. Like so many other places we’ve visited, because this place is so easily accessible to the public, it get’s taken for granted for what a special place it is and people litter it up.
Please help keep special places like this open for us and future generations of outdoor lovers to enjoy. When people don’t behave respectfully, places like these inevitably get shut down and closed to access. Act safely and adopt and adhere to a “leave no trace” policy and always pick up your trash. Even better, try to bring an extra trashbag wherever you go so that you can pick up trash previously left behind if you find it. We can all do our part to make sure these places stay beautiful and open to all!
Directions to Natural Dam Falls
To get to the falls, take exit #5 on I-40 at Van Buren, and then headNorth on AR Hwy 59. As soon as you cross a bridge and come into the community of Natural Dam, Turn Left at the sign for the falls and picnic area, which are within sight of the turn.

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