Paige Falls and Broadwater Hollow Falls

I had been wanting to visit the Paige Falls and Broad water Hollow Falls for some time not only because they are beautiful, but because we could take the kids on the adventure too! So on Earth Day we made the 90 mile drive to the trail leading to both of these waterfalls.

The last two miles leading to the trail is a gravel road that is quite an adventure in itself! I have heard of others taking a midsize car down this road so it’s up to you, but I will just tell you that it is quite rough and I would recommend something higher off the ground with 4-wheel drive. I’m glad I was driving, because it was a lot of fun to navigate this road in Big Red! 
The trail itself was mostly easy for both kids (almost 3 and 6). My oldest did perfectly fine, and we briefly carried my youngest through a few of the more rocky and steeper downgrades. Neither of which are dramatic.
We spent hours here exploring the falls and the surrounding area. My husband and I sat back with our feet in the water while the kids delved into their own little worlds playing in the creek..throwing rocks and trying to build dams and such. Perfect way to spend Earth Day! 
Quick Info- Located in Compton, AR
Directions:  From the Compton post office, go north on hwy 43 for about a mile until you see the volunteer fire department. there’s a gravel road directly across from it (NC 2660). Follow this road (which is pretty rough) for about 2 miles until you come to the creek crossing. There’s a small parking area to the left side. 
Trail Length:  .6 miles
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate (kid friendly) Little ones will need assistance
Features: forest, creek, wildflowers, 2 waterfalls, large boulders

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