Reynolds Falls

On a beautiful fair winters day, two of my friends and I hiked Tea Kettle Falls trail. Part of the adventure was just finding it in the first place! Our mistake was turning onto the gravel road with the Madison County Wildlife Management Area sign. It is not on this road! Look for County Road #447. When you turn onto this road you’ll see fenced in pasture and a farm on your right..woods on your left.
Even in the dead of winter, this was a gorgeous trail. The bluffs were covered with giant icecicles and you could see into woods at so many other beautiful little areas that are usually hidden in the summer. There’s a smaller but really beautiful waterfall called Reynold’s Falls on the way to your destination fall that is definitely worth visiting. Tea Kettle Falls wasn’t running at all during our visit so we’ll be back in the Spring. It was a perfect winter hike though and I can’t wait to return again in the Spring!

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