Road 299 Falls

Road 299 Falls Near Huntsville, AR

The boys and I were out exploring in the McIllroy Madison County Wildlife Management Area with our trusty Tim Ernst Waterfall Guidebook and so we visited the “hard to find, but easy to get to” Road 299 Falls, named so for the county road it’s next to. This 21 ft. waterfall is only about 100 yards from parking. Unlike many of the waterfalls we visit, you can actually pretty easily get down to the bottom of this one with a bit of scrambling.
My boys (6 & 3) handled it fine with my help, but it’s definitely not toddler, stroller, or elderly friendly. The fall was running a bit, but I hope to see it with a lot more water on our next visit. I’ve seen pictures of these falls after a good rainfall and it is amazing!
First, the directions! 
To get to the turnoff, go North out of Huntsville on HWY 23 to Forum. (I go through Withrow Springs State Park to do this) Go 3.5 miles and TURN RIGHT onto CR#1235 (gravel) at the green management area sign on your right.
Drive another  .2 miles where you will meet with CR#1250 at the management area headquarters trailer on your right. ZERO THERE! From the trailer, go 4.7 miles (the road will become CR#1425) and you will see this intersection (see below), where you will TURN RIGHT onto CR#299 (the smallest gravel road farthest right.)
Follow this narrow road .5 miles and PARK ON THE LEFT. There is a clearing and obvious foot paths. Here’s a pic of what you’ll be looking for to park.
Follow the clearing and around to the left to come to the top of the falls. To get to the bottom of the falls, you’ll follow a small footpath in the clearing near the parking area on the right. Do not cross the stream at the top of the falls and meander through the woods to try to make your way down to the falls from that side. We walked quite a ways with no luck before we tried the right of the falls and quickly found our way down.
Below is a picture of the bluff scramble to get down to the bottom of the falls. That tree right in the middle comes in handy!
I should have taken some pictures of this, but there are some huge caves in the blufflines around the falls that I just swore a bear was going to lumber out of and eat us haha. Pretty cool, but my imagination was running away with me and it just made me a little uneasy. The kids had fun exploring though!

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