Steel Creek at the Buffalo River

Boxley Valley and the Buffalo National River Region in and around Ponca, AR may just be my favorite part of the world. It has a majestic and untamed beauty like none other! Though it’s quite a drive for us, we make many trips there a year. In the Summer we go swimming and kayaking or canoeing in various spots along the Buffalo and in the Spring, Fall, and Winter we go hiking along the numerous trails in this and the surrounding areas.

One of my favorite (kid friendly) places to swim along the Buffalo is Steel Creek.
Steel Creek is located along the Upper Buffalo River area. There’s a campground here as well as popular points of access to the Buffalo River Trail and the Old River Trail. You won’t want to (or be able to) miss scenic Roark Bluff which is 3/4 of a mile long surrounds most of the the Steel Creek campground area.

Directions: Take Highway 74 a mile east of Ponca to the top of the mountain, Steel Creek gate is on the left.

For Steel Creek Campground information and more click HERE.

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