Tanyard Creek Nature Trail and Waterfall (Bella Vista, AR)

Tanyard Creek Nature Trail is located off of Lancashire Blvd in Bella Vista, Arkansas which is in the extreme Northwest part of the state. It is a 6.6 mile stream that flows from Lake Windsor to Little Sugar Creek. The trail splits off several ways which can make for a few hours of trail exploring or you can explore one leg of the trail one day, and come back another day and explore a different part of it.
The different paths of the trail are very different from eachother. You can explore a wide field and a dam on one path, bluffs and a wooded hike on one path, an old homestead and big hanging bridge on one path, and two paths leading to two different waterfalls. We have been to this trail so many times and still find new things to explore every time we visit.
This is a very kid friendly trail. There are some paths of the trail that you could even manage a lightweight stroller if you had to. Adults or even older children can walk the creek for a bit more adventurous trek.  The creek and the falls are very pretty whether its running a bit low or after a hard rain. It just makes for different experiences at the trail. Below are some pictures I’ve taken at Tanyard Creek over the last few years.

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