Twin/Triple Falls Buffalo River, AR)

My mom, the boys, and I hiked Hideout Hollow Trail in April. If you’re looking for a fairly easy or kid friendly trail with a lot of WOW factor, Hideout Hollow is it! This 2 mile roundtrip trail features a nice 37 foot waterfall, other small upstream waterfalls, huge boulders, and beautiful bluff views.

Toward the end of the trail there are some very tall bluffs, but you’ll find extra footpaths that will keep you plenty of distance from them, so take those when you need to and keep a hold of your kiddos on these areas. My 3 and 6 year old did wonderfully and we saw a few other families with little ones that day on the trail as well.
Hideout Hollow has some cool history too! “The trail was once inhabited by a group of draft dodgers called The Slacker Gang during World War I. The Slacker Gang was made up of 9 young men from the Cecil Cove area that refused to join the army and decided to go into hiding in the dense wilderness area to avoid the draft. The 9 young men remained in hiding for months before surrendering to the draft in 1918. The trail was named in reference to this act once the National Park was established in 1972.” (
(For more trail info and directions, see bottom of post)


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